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Understanding the process of revelation on a basic level is necessary for all believers in order to know for sure the book they deem the word of God is actually the word of God.


Tafsir is an independent discipline but here we study the history of tafsir, the different methodology used by various scholars, as well as understanding the process through which one could develop a legitimate understanding of the Quran.


There are important historical discussions related to the compilation of the Quran we have with us that effect our belief in the Quran.  If these matters aren’t discussed thoroughly, it will leave room for misunderstandings to present themselves as facts.


Although the topic of alteration of the Quran is found in theology, in this discipline we discuss it as a historical matter which allows us to see what’s established in theology as the Quran being intact up to today is historically accurate as well.


The Quranic Sciences course will be offered in September 2019

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