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Working towards the Imam's vision

The Al Mahdi Islamic Seminary is a genuine Hawza born out of the experience of our 1200-year-old legacy.  The hawza was created by our Imams around the third century in the cities of Kufa, Baghdad and Qum.  It then spread to other regions in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, the Indian Subcontinent, and parts of Africa.
The survival and development of the Shia community during the occultation has been preserved through this establishment and the numerous pious scholars it has presented to the world.  
It has been the tradition of our Ulama to establish a branch of this establishment in the region they come from and go back to and reside in.
With the efforts of some of the graduates of the Hawza in Qom and Najaf, the Al Mahdi Islamic Seminary has been establish in Houston, Texas, in order to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors and continue working to spread the teachings of The Imam of our time and his forefathers.
We pray Allah grants us His blessings in bringing a smile to our Imams face by presenting students and scholars from this region to lead the community under the guidance of our Imam without which we would go astray, and this institution could not survive.
The immediate goal of this institution is to train American Muslims to become credible pious scholars to help the people realize the truth about Islam; to realize Islam is the only solution for all our problems and the ones who are giving us all these problems are the ones who are giving Islam a bad name in order to prevent people from finding this great solution.

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