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Al Mahdi Islamic Seminary is Working to build the community needed for the vision on the Imam.  We hope the community is willing to join.


Introducing the Hawza


The morale of the community is the key ingredient of a prosperous community.  Without this, a community would be dragging itself and losing motivation to deal with the challenges it must face on the path to prosperity.
A thriving community without a spiritual hub that creates spiritual pulses of energy to send throughout the body and soul of the community will surely loose its moral as it is drained regularly.
The Hawza is the hub that creates and distributes the positive vibes that stimulate the souls of the community members and so the energy flows through the veins of every community member


Ijtihad is the ability to develop legitimate Islamic principles from the sources.  
It is obvious to all that there are many problems we face on a regular basis in the West which we are not able find definite answers to in order to unite on the solutions to the problems that we face.  Although there is scholarship in the community, it isn't able to develop solid opinions from the sources and we find the community lingering as the authority seems to be incompetent.
With the presence of scholars and speakers in the communities for the last few decades, it is now time to introduce a more authoritative establishment which is linked to the original sources of authority in the Muslim lands in the way that authority has been linked throughout time which is pious ijtihad.  What has linked the scholars from Kufa, to Baghdad, to Qom, to Najaf, to Jabal Amil (Lebanon), to Halab (Aleppo), to Isfahan, to Lucknow to Hilla and other locations has been Ijtihad accompanied by piety.
The communities with the presence of mujtahids have found themselves connected to a network which is connected to the Imam of our time as the mujtahids are according to the Imam the proofs of the Imam on us during the occultation. with the presence of a mujtahid a proof of the Imam has been established making the bond to the Imam and his global network stronger.
With the presence of a hawza which produces mujtahids in our country, we have insured the continuity of this bond with the imam as the need to increase and replace fallen mujtahids is constant.

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